Pentair Hypro

As the Senior Graphic Designer at Pentair, I am in charge of art direction for each of our brands. This includes all launch materials for new products such as sales sheets, infographics explaining new features, brochures, trade show displays, product photography, and video work.

In my first year I redesigned our industry leading "Spray It Mobile" app working with multiple vendors. I also managed the layout and design for our 280 page Product Catalog along with its translation into 7 major languages. This year we focused on creating brochures to help our customers understand some of our Precision Agroculture products, as well as updated branding for our product sales sheets.

For our work on the "Spray It Mobile" App, we were awarded Pentair's 2016 "Global Product Innovation Award"

VIEW LIVE: Smarter Faster Safer Brochure

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